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Recommended Books

Reading books from different authors exposes you to a range of perspectives, ideas, and different ways of thinking; allowing you to broaden your understanding of Calvinism & Once Saved Always Saved.

Demonic Conspiracy Known As Calvinism

There is a way that seems right to a man, but it ends in death--said two times in Proverbs. Every believer wants to believe he or she is in the right church. But Jesus warned: Take heed that the light in you is not darkness. Many churches and movements today may seem right to many, but they are purveyors of darkness. The Calvinist theological system is one of the darkest. This book thoroughly proves that reality by many plain Scripture passages. - by Ron Craig (Author)

The Calvinist Conspiracy

Each of my books has gotten more intense than the previous one. This volume is no exception. It is actually a follow-up of my book entitled Are Christians Just Saved Sinners? That book dealt in depth with the subject of Calvinism, plus some other heresies currently plaguing the church. This much smaller book deals only with Calvinism and covers less doctrinal territory. But it goes into an even deeper discussion of the essentials of that long-standing heresy. Most people have no idea of what Calvinism really teaches. Through this little book, you are about to find out! - by Ron Craig (Author)

The Calvinist Delusion

Each of my books has gotten more intense than the previous one. This is my third volume dealing with the general subject of Calvinism. In this book, I go into great detail on many of John Calvin's ultra-deceptive doctrines, most of which have been accepted in many church circles as actual truth. However, far from being faithful to Gods inspired Word, Satan uses Calvin's theology as a powerful tool to deceive and destroy Calvin's naïve followers. This book is filled with clear biblical evidence that Calvinism is a mere delusion. - by Ron Craig (Author)

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